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The body is the home where the true Self lives. It is the tool for internal search, the tool for self-improvement. By taking care of the body we clear the barriers, leaving room for a clean, non-verbal communication. Massage gives a unique sense of relaxation and contributes to our health and well-being. Our most famous magnification techniques come from the East, where the practice of massage is highly appreciated.
 Touching and feeling the body is the way to learn, to be connected with its needs and allow it to teach us about ourselves. 

Tibetan massage


Tibetan massage

This is a deep massage that focuses on specific stress points. It originates in ancient Tibet and aims to alleviate direct musculoskeletal pain.

How to apply: All-body massage in combination with suction cups and oils.

Which helps: serious muscle disorders and generally alleviate directly from muscle pain caused by problems such as sciatica, cervical syndromes, and influenza.

It also reduces symptoms due to autoimmune diseases or respiratory problems.

Therapy with suction cup, is applied with simple glass glasses, but special cups have been invented and preferred, in which we create a vacuum (negative pressure). Suction cup help the body eliminate toxins, stimulate the peripheral nervous system and have amazing results in cellulitis problems, muscle pain, chronic middle pain and rheumatic-arthritic pain. During treatment, a glass or cup is applied onto the skin, the pressure in it is reduced (either by using heat or by removing air), so that the skin and surface muscle layers are pulled out and left in the glass for a while. In some cases the cup or glass may be moved while the skin is still in it, causing a local “moving” swelling of the skin and muscle.


In some cases the cup or glass may be moved while the skin is still in it, causing a local “moving” swelling of the skin and muscle.

Thai massage

Thai massage is a mixture of Chinese and Indian medicine (Ayurveda) and not only does the body work, but it is a holistic therapy. With points of pressure, stretching and muscular relaxed techniques, it's bringing our bodies back in harmony. This is a deep-seated treatment throughout the body where the receiver wears light, comfortable and clean clothes.

Thai Massage is indicated for:

- Relaxation, anxiety reduction, clarity, cleansing and emptying of our minds

- Mobility in all muscles of our body

- Special discharge and treatment at the points most affected by our sedentary life, such as the waist, back, neck, hip, shoulder, hands

- Elimination of toxins from the body, responsible for obesity, poor mood, stomach pain and other places, discharge of the colon – constipation

- Stimulation of the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous, sympathetic, and parasympathetic system
- Sport - also called Yoga for lazy people

- Flexibility

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60 min-35
90 min-50 


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