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Thai Massage Training 55h

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Evergreen Yoga Studios is pleased to announce the launch of the new training program in Thai massage. An ancient healing method older than 2,500 years that emerged from a combination of influences from India, China, Thai traditions and Buddhism.


In this training program, candidates will be taught how to offer this healing method, which includes deep pressures along the energy lines (meridian-Sen), massage techniques using the palms, thumbs, forearms, elbows, knees, and the whole body, as well as several passive stretches similar to yoga asana.

They will experience (as receivers) and explore (as givers) the art of touch that offers a reduction of tension and stress, an increase in vitality and awareness, and deepens the union between mind, body and spirit in both receiver and giver.


It is this union that the training program will focus on by exploring the qualities of the "Four Divine Stages of Consciousness".


METTA : The desire to make others happy and the ability to treat others with love and kindness.


CARUNA : Compassion for all who suffer, and the desire to ease their suffering.


MUDITA: Rejoicing in hearing the good fortune of others, and also the complete absence of envy.

UPEKA: Absence of criticism or discrimination among our fellow human beings.


The training will cover the following modules offering those interested a comprehensive knowledge and experience.


- Basic principles of Thai massage (History-Philosophy)
- Analysis of the energy lines of the body (sen lines) where and why the pressures are applied (Thai acupressure)
- Practice in the 4 basic positions : supine, prone, lateral, sitting
- Benefits of Thai and contraindications
- Sequencing and composition of a complete session focused on the needs of the practitioner
- Correct completion of the recipient's history in order to select the appropriate massage techniques (contraindications & precautions)
- Preparation & application of pouches (warm pouches with herbs)
- Meditation before and after treatment
- Physical fatigue management and self-massage techniques
- Practice of a complete massage under the supervision of the facilitator and feedback from the group
- 3 Practices with teachers of the school with completion of a history and feedback
- 1 practice with the facilitator


Cost: 550 €, early bird: 480 €. Price does not include VAT.

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