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Vinyasa Krama: Vinyasa Krama is a dynamic form of yoga that leads the practitioner to deeper physical and mental paths, through step-wise approach of the asanas. The body gradually prepared, during the course, in order to eventually reach deeper asanas with safety and consciousness.Open level class for those who want to learn deeper variations of basic poses and deepen their practice. 

Handstands: Handstands is a class exclusively devoted in the art of arm balances. Prepares the practitioner, through a series of exercises of arm and shoulder strengthening, to eventually achieve to stand on his hands!

Prenatal Yoga: In prenatal yoga, through breathing exercises, special asanas and meditation, future mom will improve her posture, will relieve herself form pain or disturbances and prepare herself for delivery. Connecting poses with breath will help pregnant women gain body awareness and connect with their babies. 

Yin Yoga: 

The term Yin comes from the Taoist tradition with its focus on action without intention, naturalness, simplicity, spontaneity and the three basic "treasures" compassion, austerity and humility. Unlike yang which is associated with movement, action and heat, yin is about discovering stillness, acceptance and respect for the boundaries of the body by emerging these 'treasures'. To find ourselves in the coveted balance, we need both yin and yang.

In this style, all postures are sitting or lying down, often supported by blocks and bolsters (pillows), in order to avoid muscle tension. By driving delivery to gravity and time (3-5 minutes at each asana), Yin Yoga affects the connective tissues of the spine and hip joints, where emotional and physical tension accumulates, balancing the nervous system. It is also called Yoga of the joints.

A yoga style that enables us, through time and space, to become more associated with our breath and our mind. So we face with ourselves and our habits, gain greater self-awareness and feel well-being and deep relaxation.

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