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Vinyasa Krama: Vinyasa Krama is a dynamic form of yoga that leads the practitioner to deeper physical and mental paths, through step-wise approach of the asanas. The body gradually prepared, during the course, in order to eventually reach deeper asanas with safety and consciousness.Open level class for those who want to learn deeper variations of basic poses and deepen their practice. 

Vinyasa Krama Level 1-2: Class appropriate for beginners who have made their first steps in yoga and they would like to look deeper within their body and spirit. The course is characterized by the flow of vinyasa and the step-wise approach of krama.


Vinyasa Level 1: Class for those who experience yoga for the first time and also for those who want to approach the basic poses right with accurate description of them and the flow of the breath. 

Handstands: Handstands is a class exclusively devoted in the art of arm balances. Prepares the practitioner, through a series of exercises of arm and shoulder strengthening, to eventually achieve to stand on his hands!

Kids Yoga: Through games that activate the body, through techniques that teach and guide breathing, through visions that stimulate the imagination, kids yoga helps children to get to know themselves, body and mind, in a way perfectly adapted to their nature, needs and abilities, without the sense of competition. The practice of kids yoga teaches and presents traditional yoga through the filter of childhood. The class includes postures, breathing techniques, creative activities and arts, aiming at the cultivation of body and mind. The practice closes with relaxation, given through stories, visions, imagination and images, giving space to the imagination of children to create their own safe space.

Class is addressed to ages of 5-12.

Contact us for your participation.

Prenatal Yoga: In prenatal yoga, through breathing exercises, special asanas and meditation, future mom will improve her posture, will relieve herself form pain or disturbances and prepare herself for delivery. Connecting poses with breath will help pregnant women gain body awareness and connect with their babies.

Gentle to yin: A course suitable for practitioners who wish to move softly and gently giving more space to their breath.

The course consists of gentle and simple postures and sequences that give the practitioner time to understand the movement and connect it breathing and then gently awaken the movement in the body.

With the ground as our main support and aids such as blocks and straps the practitioner will experience the beneficial benefits of the practice relieve the body of tensions and step by step lead the body's towards maintaining mobility and its correct alignment.

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