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Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs

~ Manifest your highest potential ~

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This program is addressed to individuals who would like to professionally practice the teaching of yoga and leads to the certification RYT-200 of Yoga Alliance.

The program includes a lot of personal practice and training in teaching. Through our program we want to create teachers who will have the deepest possible understanding of yoga as psychosomatic treatment system and have it as a motivation for their learning and their development.

The following are required for the acceptance of the candidate in the program:

  *  At least 3 classes per week for 3 months at Evergreen Yoga Studios

  *  satisfactory form of bakasana, sirsasana, virabadrasana III, urdva dhanurasana, kundinyasana I,II, vasisthasana, mayurasana, etc.



From the moment that the requirements are met, and between the team classes, the future teacher will attend private classes.That is because every teacher,every approach and every practice are different so in order the new teacher to flourish we think that he needs specific guidance to his personal course.
The minimum duration are 9 months and the maximum 2 years.



The concept of our program is:
(The hours described below are the minimum required from Yoga Alliance) 


1. The eight limbs of yoga. Understanding and practical implement.

2. Technique,training and practice: 100 hours

  * Asana, pranayama, kriya, mantra, yoga nidra, meditation and other techniques of yoga.Detailed training in teaching the techniques and also the accurate practicing of those techniques.
  * Principles of alignment
  * Krama of poses (preparation poses for deeper poses)
  * Αdjustments 
  * Entering and exiting poses
  * Contrandicatons
  * Use of props
  * Variations: basic - advanced
  * Names in Sanskrit
  * Meditation techniques
  * Cleansing techniques (kriya)
  * Yoga Nidra
Principles of alignment and adjustments will take place in 4 workshops in Athens (4 hours each)


3. Methodology of teaching: 25 hours

  * The art of planning classes
  * The art of sequencing
  * Preparation poses (krama)
  * Gradual activation of the body (warm up)
  * Time management,limits and priorities, art of teaching
  * How we deal with different needs of the students during the classes
  * Principles of observation,correction and teaching through the demonstration of poses.
  * The meaning of sthira-sukha
  * Demonstration vs guidance
  * Different approaches of teaching
  * Qualities of the teacher
  * The use of the voice and language
  * Management of special cases
  * The process of learning in yoga
  * The teaching methodology involves a broader approach to teaching than the simple transmission of practices and techniques 
The art of designing class and sequencing will be taught in 2 immersions outside Athens.


4. Anatomy and physiology: 20 hours

  * Anatomy of the human body in relation to yoga poses
  * Anatomy of the energetic body
  * Application of the anatomy and physiology in practicing of yoga


5. The philosophy of yoga,yoga as a way of life and morality for yoga teachers: 30 hours
  * Study of the traditional scripts
  * The principles of yoga as a way of life, yamas-niyamas
  * The relationship between teacher and student
  * The challenges that a teacher faces
  * Setting the example for the students
  * Teaching poses outside our practice 
  * Teacher's every day life
  * Yoga as a way of living
  * The value of teaching yoga

6. Sadhana 

The establishment of a daily, consistent practice is one of the most important goals of our training program. The teacher will explore the motives for deepening in practice, through the gained knowledge. Together, we will discover the effect of the practice and it affects us. Through this understanding, the trainee will learn how to approach the practice in his own unique way. Yoga is a living practice and the teacher can share his experience until the point he has reached. Practice becomes therefore a prerequisite, for both beginning and completing our training program.

When: two months of practice (one month attendance of 4 lessons / week and one month attendance of 4 lessons / week + 2 home practice), start according to candidates' availability, February-March.

7. Thai Massage: 8 hours

Thai Massage'practice helps the practitioner to discover the purity of emotions, which is essential to a yoga teacher. Through Thai we learn about the wisdom of the human body, the power of touching, and the art of non-verbal communication.

When: Thai massage is taught in a two-day workshop at the studio, in March.


8. Intership: 10 hours  

  * Class observation. (15 hours)  

  * Helping in classes of more experienced teachers (15 hours)  

  * Practice in teaching (15 hours)  

  * Feedback of teaching through the opinion and observation of students


At Evergreen Yoga Studios the teacher candidate will have the opportunity to teach 3 classes to the EYS TT's classmates and receive feedback. Through this procedure he will have the opportunity to apply his new knowledge and to be improved through comments of his students and his teacher.


9. For the completion of the training there are the following requirements:  

  * Sadhana: For 2 month duration, coursework of 4 classes at Evergreen Yoga Studios (free) and in addition 2 personal practices per week.  

   * Participation in a 3day mauna  

  * Participation in 108 surya namaskara  

  * Participation in 2 thai massage workshops (Ι,ΙΙ) or in one of 3day duration  

  * Participation in 2 yin yoga classes  

  * Participation in 1 guided yoga nidra  

  * Two Immersions in Vinyasa and class planning  

  * Four adjustment workshops (I,II,III,IV)  

  * 1 month vegetarian nutrition (vegan for those already vegetarians)  

  * For 1 month 6 meditations per week  

  * Reading bhagavad ghyta, yoga sutras, hatha yoga pradipika, light on yoga,     * Creation and completion of an event without any personal benefit.(karma yoga)  

  * Observation of 10 classes at EYS  

  * Helping (adjustments) in 15 classes at EYS  

  * Teaching 3 courses at the studio to your classmates


10.Required books:

 Asanas: 608 yoga poses, Dharma Mittra

 The Yamas and Niyamas, Deborah Adele

 The Bhagavad Gita, Eknath Easwaran

 The Key Muscles Of Yoga Volume I & II, Ray Long

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Sri Swami Satchidananda


11.Optional books:

Light on Yoga, B.K.S Iyengar

The Heart of Yoga, T.K.V. Desicashar

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Swami Swatmarama

Anatomy of the spirit, Caroline Myss

Eastern body, Western mind, Anodea Judith


Cost: 1580€

Price does not include VAT

Methods of payment: In advance 580 euro + 10 monthly instalments of 100 euro each

The price includes:  

  * Participation in the training program   

  * Participation and accommodation at the immersions  

  * 2 months unlimited classes at Evergreen Yoga Studios  

  * Observation, help and teaching classes  

  * Guidance through out the duration and after the end of the program.

Graduates will meet at the studio once per month for discussion and guidance in matters of teaching yoga.

In summary :  

  * Training leads to the acquisition of the certificate of RYT-200 Yoga Alliance.     * Schooling in private form for all prospective teachers  

  * Practice in classes at our studio  

  * Personal guidance during and after the duration of the program   

  * Indicated duration 6-10 months  

  * Cost: 1580 euros


The training can be done by doing the above requirements separately. For example, someone who attended any of the immersions or the workshops, can join later in the program to complete his study and other requirements.


For more information:


Please note that there might be unexpected changes in teacher training timeline.

All seminars and workshops are taught in Greek

For those willing to combine our teacher training program with annual subscription of unlimited classes at Evergreen Yoga Studios we provide 40% discount.


(method of payment is formed upon request)

Vat is not included.

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