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Yoga for All

by Evergreen Yoga studios


by Evergreen Yoga Studios


Here at Evergreen Yoga Studios we have a primary rule: to spread the valuable practice of yoga! In a difficult economic climate, to deal with self-awareness and exploration of human experience , although a fundamental need , seems like a luxury. EYS, in an effort to cultivate the beautiful community that has been created around the practice, created the Yoga For All program.



We ask from everyone to offer to everyone! The rationale is simple : we do not want to exclude anyone from practicing and learning yoga for economic reasons. So we create a piggy bank where anyone, who feels that he wants to offer the gift of yoga to someone who does not have the financial capacity, can donate money.EYS immediately double the amount of the donation!


How it works:


You can donate an amount of your choice which will become available for Yoga For All program. At the end of each month all your donations will add up. EYS will double the value of this total and will create subscriptions cards (various types) which will be posted in Yoga For All panel at the studio. Anyone, for any reason, members and non-members of the studio, can get one of these cards and give it to our secretariat, and without any question or comment can start his subscription!


Yoga For All!


Yoga is connection. Yoga is empathy. If through your practice you have experienced, even for a while, serenity and harmony and you believe that yoga should not be for a few!

Make your donation at our secretariat!

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