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Upcoming Retreats

Family Retreat

Family retreat Post.jpg
Family retreat Post.jpg

Family Retreat, Spring 2024 @The Evergreen Project

At the end of the school year, the EYS family invites adults and children on a trip to our forest. A three-day Family Retreat in the heart of nature with yoga, hiking, storytelling around the the fire and lots of games for everyone.


During these three days, we invite families with children from 3.5 years old and older with parents or guardians to experience yoga together, the connection with nature and with the group, with respect and playful vibes.


We will enjoy practices and activities geared separately for adults and children, and the whole group will join in some explorations to connect in new ways and learn from each other and from nature itself.

Ashram Life Retreat

Ashram Life Instagram & Facebook Post.jpg
Ashram Life Instagram & Facebook Post.jpg

Ashram Life Retreat - Summer 2024 @The Evergreen Project


The week at our green oasis will be dedicated to the life on the Ashram. 

We will align our daily life with the biorhythms of nature, following the natural flow in the forest.


We will dedicate ourselves to the practice of yoga and meditation, spending time in the practice hall with guided yoga classes every morning.


We will set aside time for Satsang with the guidance of Panos, chanting and group bonding circles.

Call of the Wild Retreat

more coming soon
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