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Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 85h

A teacher training within the framework and philosophy of EYS whereby the yoga teacher is a guide towards profound change that starts from within, for both student and teacher.



Childbirth is for many traditions a rite of passage, a milestone of a woman's transformation and empowerment into her new role. Yoga is the guide on this path, offering the tools to bring women in touch with their Self and their baby before and during this rebirth experience.



Maria, having already gone through her second pregnancy, will share methods and tips so that yoga can be a support and inspiration for women during pregnancy and the first period of motherhood, a journey of self-awareness and connection with their inner strength. The trainees will have the opportunity to understand through Maria's example the positions that are appropriate and those that should be avoided in pregnancy.

Teachers will gain knowledge and resources to teach prenatal yoga classes safely and empathetically as well as integrate pregnant students into traditional yoga classes.



It is addressed to yoga teachers, professionals in the field of obstetrics and anyone interested in delving into this special period in a woman's life through the path of yoga.





Candidates should have studied yoga for at least 3 years, be motivated towards personal development and self-improvement as well as sensitive to the physical and emotional particularities of the perinatal period. They will also have to complete an interview with the program manager Maria Arvanitaki. Teachers who have already completed 200TT will receive RPYT (registered prenatal yoga teacher) certification from Yoga Alliance. For those who do not already have a yoga teacher diploma, a certificate of attendance will be provided.



Sections to be covered:


The woman and her circular nature

The pregnancy journey

The role of the prenatal yoga teacher 8-fold path to pregnancy and parenthood Benefits of yoga in the perinatal period

Yoga and Ayurveda

Anatomy of pregnancy

Separation of high-low-risk pregnancy

Basic pathologies in pregnancy

Stages of childbirth

Custom asanas

Energy Anatomy (chakras)



Use of props

Practice for the couple

Pranayama techniques

Yoga nidra relaxation techniques


Inclusion of pregnant women in regular yoga classes

Postnatal Yoga

when does it start

Specifics (caesarean section, abdominal dissection, injuries)

Breastfeeding and yoga

Special exercises

Mixed classes With the baby


The 85hr prenatal training program will take place over 3 weekends

(24-25/2/24, 09-10/3/24 & 30-31/3/24) at the Nea Ionia studio. Saturdays 14:30-20:30 & Sundays 10:00-20:00.


Cost: €550


The price does not include VAT

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