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Evergreen Yoga


In Evergreen Yoga Studios yoga is offered as a valuable to cope with life. As we unfol the mat our way of life is unfolded as well. The practice offers the body as a means to mirror the concerns, the thoughts, the mental procedures that each of us carries from his own process until now. Yoga shows the way for every person to become his own observer and in this way draw the strength to face reality as it is.

Practicing yoga makes us better observers of ourselves and eventually we become more courageous to balance issues that modern way of life brings to our path: anxiety, lack of self-confidence, stiffness, weakness, lack of concentration. 
In this aspect, at Evergreen Yoga Studios you will experience yoga in its original form, while you will find space to unfold your own process, your own path, in an environment that is delighted to share.

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In a warm and cozy environment, Evergreen Yoga Studios perceive yoga as a part of every day life, rather than a luxurious practice. Believing deeply in the gift of yoga, EYS create a yoga community, in which practice is open and reachable to everyone. 

Evergreen Yoga Studios are specialized in Vinyasa Krama Yoga; a yoga kind that brings together breath and movement, preparing the body towards a certain peak pose. Vinyasa Krama is a dynamic yoga practice which, through the continuous flow of the breath and movement, introduces the practitioner to a state of moving meditation that purifies body and mind. 

Vinyasa Krama Yoga, is a modern expression of traditional hatha yoga, that suits to the western spirit. Change is rapidly experienced and yoga benefits are soon reflected to the body and the mind. Suitable for strengthening, relaxation, flexibility, slimming, concentration, breath improvement, Vinyasa yoga can replace any other form of exercise , while offering all benefits of yoga.

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Yoga is suitable for everybody. Regardless your physical condition, flexibility,strength or weight, come and experience with us this alternative life of living.

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