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Yoga Teacher Training 300hrs

~ Manifest your highest potential ~

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Evergreen Yoga Studios, proudly announces the launch of the renewed 300-hour yoga teacher training program, certified by Yoga Alliance (RYT), which will start in May 2024 and will be completed in early November 2024.


The training lasts 6 months, and is structured in such a way that all participants will complete all the seminars without delay, touching on a wide range of topics and cultivating in the candidates a deeper connection with the knowledge of yoga.


The revised semester structure and content of the teacher leads to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Teaching, Practicing and the role of Teacher.


The training offers a comprehensive, mature and solid knowledge around the philosophy and practice of yoga, providing its participants with an education rich in both experience and knowledge.


The modules of the course are divided into two 9-day immersions at our community's ashram "The Evergreen Project", Workshops at the Athens studio and Mentorship, with the head teacher of the course, Panos Katsandris.


Detailed content of the Training:


1st 9-day Immersion @The Evergreen Project, 81 hours.

- Meditation
- Yoga Sutras
- Bhagavad Gita
- The teacher as a role and process


2nd 9-day Immersion @ The Evergreen Project, 81 hours

- Pranayama
- Voice and speech in yoga teaching
- Sequencing
- Theming


Workshops, in Athens, 44 hours

- Advanced anatomy (12 hours)
- Handstands (8 hours)
- Props (12 hours)
- Advanced asana (12 hours)

Mentorship, 100 hours

- 15 adjustments (22 hours)
- 10 follow-ups (15 hours)
- Yamas & Niyamas work (20 hours)
- Mentorship (12 hours)
- Karma yoga (40 hours)


Participation cost:


Benefits & Offers:

- Discounts on monthly, half-year and annual memberships

- Discounts for students who have completed the 200-hour basic training at Evergreen Yoga Studios.


For more information, dates and membership applications contact the school at or 694 755 8519

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