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With great pleasure, Evergreen Yoga Studios announce the beginning of the 300hrs Teacher Training program, at the Vinyasa Krama Yoga system.

​This program is addressed to individuals, who would like to professionally enrich their practice and the teaching of yoga. The structure and the content follows 300hrs Yoga Alliance standards.

The 300hrs Evergreen Yoga Studios program offers a comprehensive, mature and compact knowledge about yoga philosophy and practice, providing to the practitioners a profound experience. Program's modules cover a broad theme spectrum, cultivating the deepest possible understanding and engagement with the yoga philosophy. Next to prominent and prestigious teachers, both from Greece and from abroad, the trainees will have the opportunity to deepen in sections as:


  • Personal guidance/mentoring, with EYS senior teachers

  • Advanced Anatomy

  • Psychology of yoga

  • Physical/Body psychology

  • Philosophy - analysis of traditional scriptures of yoga

  • Ayurveda system

  • Energetic alignment

  • Handstands and the art of arm balances

  • Art of sequencing

  • Massage techniques - Thai massage

  • Yogic life according to philosophy (cleaning techniques, detoxing techniques, nutrition, etc.)

  • Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga

  • Karma Yoga: Creation and completion of an event without any personal benefit


The 300hrs Training program is completed in a two-year cycle, in which all seminars are concluded. All the aforementioned seminars accumulate more than 300hrs, giving the chance to trainees to choose according to their preferences, during the 2-years training cycle. The structure of the training program is formed in 3-days or 4-days seminars, open to all who are interested. The training is completed as long as participants have accumulated the required hours, while the sequence of the modules is based on the selection of the participants.


For more information please contact the school.

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