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Panos Katsandris yoga teacher

Panos Katsandris

Teaches: Vinyasa Krama Yoga, Handstands

Founder and head of yoga of Evergreen Yoga Studios.

Through yoga, Panos finds the connection with the simplicity of life, which is missing from the modern lifestyle, the union with the One, that leads to the spiritual balance and acceptance of the human experience.
He believes that yoga gives the tools you need to explore and align with our true Self, the Self behind the mask we use to cope with everyday life and its weights. Through the acceptance that yoga teaches, human relations are bridged and become more real. First we connect with ourselves, to be able to connect with others.

Being a graduate civil engineer with postgraduate studies in architecture, his approach in yoga initiated based on a scientific way of thinking, which set him facing major challenges in the effort to understand it.That is why his teaching is deal for probing and restless spirits, introducing the student to the deep philosophy of yoga in a coherent and comprehensible way, carefully bending the restaints of the rigid western culture.

Panos specializes in Vinyasa Yoga and Handstands. His classes are dynamic, with demanding sequencing of poses.He emphasizes in breathing and self-concentration leading to a meditative state of peace and tranquility while exercising the body of course. 

Maria Arvanitaki prenatal yoga teacher

Maria Arvanitaki

Teaches:  Vinyasa Krama Yoga, Prenatal Yoga


She was born in Athens. She is a graduate of the department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She is also a dance teacher graduated from the Higher Professional Dance School «Niki Kontaxaki».


Already in the years of her study at the School of Philosophy, she was interested in the expressive and therapeutic potential of movement. This interest was further expanded with the research and engagement in dance improvisation and eventually leaded her in Rotterdam, Netherlands where she studied Dance Therapy at Codarts University Rotterdam. In the Netherlands she first came across Ashtanga Yoga, in an attempt to cure back pain and find inner peace. Returning to Greece, she attended the teacher training program of Evergreen Yoga Studios, specializing in Vinyasa Krama Yoga and has been certified with RYT-200 from Yoga Alliance.

Out of love and respect for motherhood, she trained in prenatal yoga (RPYT) and accompanies women in the journey of pregnancy and childbirth through the path of yoga.

She believes that yoga can promote the body and mind connection and as a result improve the physical, mental and spiritual health of the practitioner.

She teaches yoga at various levels and in private classes with emphasis on the flow as well as on breath and movement connection. The classes have the structure of Vinyasa Krama, ie flow of movement and breath between postures and gradually increasing difficulty in asanas. This way, even less experienced students manage to reach demanding asanas safely. The classes are suitable for people who have experience in yoga and beginners interested in the element of flow in their practice.

Nadia Demartinou

Teaches: Vinyasa Krama Yoga

Nadia was born and grew up in 1989, in the city of Patras, where she engaged in physical exercise and care at a young age. Her acquaintance with yoga was in the early years of student life as an engineer in Athens. Inspired initially by the desire for inner peace and spiritual decompression, without even clearly understanding the reason, the contact with yoga continued, gradually nurturing ground for an alternative lifestyle. Continuing abroad, where she was for business and educational purposes, she came in touch,for the first time, with the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system. Covering a period of strong awareness and transition, yoga constantly stood beside her. The apprenticeship continued in studios abroad, but also through personal practice, and by that time was clear that yoga was one holistic approach of human existence, which transcends the physical exercise. In an effort to broaden her knowledge of the philosophy and practice of yoga, she returns to Greece and follow the teacher training program of Evergreen Yoga Studios, through which she met the Vinyasa Krama Yoga system.

Nadia feels that through the body and the practice, finds her way to reflect, observe and connect with herself in the present. Maintaining unbroken contact with the breath, the body finds space to talk, starting a dialogue with the mind and soul. The body responds to those questions that the mind cannot answer, leading to the knowledge of our deepest Self.


Nadia teaches courses at Evergreen Yoga Studios and also private classes, while continuing her training by participating in seminars on asana, but also philosophy of yoga.

Katerina Zerva

Teaches: Vinyasa Krama Yoga

Katerina was born in Halkida and from an early age she worked on the body and the expression possibilities through it.

In 2005 she received the 2nd degree in Reiki and from 2006-2009 worked and attended various kinds of dance workshops as Modern, African and Belly Dance. The years 2011 and 2012 acquired degrees in Thai and Tibetan massage.

Her restless spirit led her to yoga and Evergreen Yoga Studios from which he graduated and received the degree of 200RYT of Yoga Alliance in 2014. As in Vinyasa Krama we connect the breath with body movement, so Katerina was able to connect her restless spirit with the path towards the real Self, thus satisfying her need for knowledge and creation. This enables her students to start their own exploration to physical expression and treatment.


He teaches courses of various levels at Evergreen Yoga Studios utmost consideration precisely this connection. She believes that Yoga is the way to get closer to our true Selves, in connection with the body, which is the best Master. For Katerina teaching is primarily apprenticeship.

Papasideri Vicky

Teaches: Aerial Yoga

Vicky was born in Thessaloniki (1985) and grew up in Athens. She graduated from the Philosophical School, University of Athens, Department of French Language and Literature.


As a child she was involved in athletics as well as classical and modern dance. Yoga entered her life in 2007, after an accident which kept her away from her previous activities. Through constant practical and theoritical study of Yoga philosophy, she discovered the path she was searching all along. In June 2014 she completed the educational program Hatha Yoga (500 hours) of Ghytha Yoga School, mentored by Michael Filinis. 


In 2016 she started aerial acrobatics. Wanting to combine her two favourite activities, she turned to aerial yoga, successfully completing the relevant educational seminar by Elena Mouratidou.


Through teaching, practicing and attending relevant seminars, she continues to enrich her knowledge and love for the gifts of yoga, recognizing her as "the art of life".

Tsoukala Emiliana

Teaches: Vinyasa Krama Yoga 

Emiliana was born in Athens in 1991. She studied Italian Language and Philology in Aristotele University. The first touch with yoga came in 2009, at the same time with contemporary dance. The reason that yoga attracted her more is the mentality of the respect of the body, the combination of movement and breath, the  simplicity and the calm that are inside it, in contrast with the west way of thinking of body exercise.

The desire for yoga exploration and specifically, her love for the full of flow vinyasa, drove her to the 200 RYT  of EVS. She continues to be interested in yoga training, so she participates in seminars and workshops.

At  the same time she receives a training on dramatherapy, which is totally connected to yoga, because she believes that are both usefull tools for self-consciousness and love of the Self.

Marina Gergov

Teaches: Vinyasa Krama Yoga  & Prenatal Yoga

Marina was born and raised in Athens. She lived and studied Architecture in Sofia, Bulgaria, her second homeland. From an early age she showed her interest in the charm of various arts and means of expression, accompanied by an anxious rush to understand and reach the destination that would set her free. In 2014 she started practice and educational seminars in Greece in various studios with first teachers Ioanna Koliakoudakis and Panagiotis Kontogiorgos, collecting experiences, teachings and practice methods.

The next period was decisive. Observation will bring her closer to her own center and to the practice that will discipline her physically and mentally. She studied and continues her apprenticeship with her teacher, Panos Katsandris at Evergeen Yoga Studio, where she completed the 200H training in the Vinyasa Krama system.

In 2018 she trained in Yoga for children with Christina Matsis, Flower Kids Yoga Teacher Training 95H as well as in Holistic Massage with Eleftheria Mantzorou and Thai massage with Christina Zanni.


Through practice and teaching, she wants to share her experience, bridging the distances between the pairs of opposites, approaching a more holistic way of thinking that will bring us closer to truth, love and acceptance of ourselves and subsequently of our fellow human beings. us, motivated by the creation of relationships of a sacred nature.

Marina teaches at EYS, continuing her apprenticeship, with the intention of making everyone feel welcome to begin their journey and listen to their inner voice, motivated by deeper connection with the world around them.

Anastasia Kalargyrou
Teaches: Vinyasa Krama Yoga & Handstands
Her passion for movement began in a very young age, as she spent the largest part of her childhood in a swimming pool. That effectively led her to become a professional water polo player until the age of 25, also competed for the national team of Greece, whilst studying Communication in the University of Athens. In 2016 she started having occasional yoga classes as a rehabilitation from a severe injury and in need to release muscle soreness and find mental peace.

In 2018 she quitted her career as an athlete, she started her master’s degree in exercise physiology in the University of Athens and yoga practice fully entered her life. At first, she was fascinated by this whole new movement pattern and the harmony in moving mindfully, connecting breathing to movement. Gradually it evolved into something more powerful, a whole new aspect of movement that helped her look deeper into her body and soul. As she wanted to deepen her knowledge on yoga practice, she attended the 200Hours Teacher Training with Panos Katsandris in 2021 and immediately start teaching.

She encourages her students to move mindfully, with love and respect to their bodies and to approach the poses with gentleness. She suggests different variations so that they can guide their practice depending on their experience and the sensation in their bodies. She wants her students to feel inspired to tat into their intuition and use practice as a tool for self-expression. She appreciates the time that the students spend on their practice and she invites them to co shape the space in which they will seek for few minutes of connection and serenity.

Anastasia Tsoutsi

Teaches: Vinyasa Krama Yoga

Anastasia was born and raised in Patras. Since she was a child, she felt the urge to search the essence behind the world she could grasp.

She practiced dance for several years, but the need to express beyond the body language lead her to study acting. She kept on discovering that world, combining multiple disciplines. After she founded Andromeda Theatre Co, aiming for her art to be a means of protest and a cause for social action, her curiosity led her to study History of European Civilization.

Her path kept changing and in a critical point in her life she felt stuck, nothing close to her made sense. In that moment, she started practicing in Evergreen Yoga Studios.

She was met with respect, care, humility and generosity. Those qualities had a curing and transforming effect over her. Through yoga practice she came closer to a self she did not know existed, creating more space.

She then decided to attend the RYT-200 teacher training program of Evergreen Yoga Studios under the teaching of Panos Katsandris. She keeps searching, studying and practicing in hopes of finding a gentle flow in dynamic asanas and balances.

Through her teaching she aspires to discover worlds, spaces and presence. Her intention is to offer love, faith, magic and acceptance.


Maria Strati

Teaches: Vinyasa Krama Yoga

Maria was born and raised in Nafplio in 1998. From a very young age she came across classical and contemporary dance and eventually pursued it professionally. She holds a degree in classical/contemporary dance from the Rallou Manou dancing school.


Meanwhile, her interest for the human body and the healing properties of motion led her to study Physiotherapy in University of West Attica. Yoga came to Maria's life while she was studying dance and ever since it is a refuge of getting to know the self and accepting it as it is.


She believes that through practice the body motion combined with controlled breathing helps in a deeper understanding of ourselves, observing our emotions and accepting them. This brings a feeling of freedom that also pertains self actualization and discipline.


Her love for Yoga and her need to further explore and study it  brought her at the Evergreen Yoga Studios where she attended the 200 hour Teacher Training Program in the Vinyasa Krama system.

Her mindset of keep improving,  especially after being a Yoga instructor, led her to further study, research and understanding the potential and psyche of human existence.


Through her Yoga teaching, she wants to communicate the truth, the clarity, the pureness and the true love that every person has in him/her.   

Katerina Tseliki


Teaches: Vinyasa Krama Yoga

Katerina was born in 1995 and raised in Athens. From a young age she felt that life in the city was mechanical, fast-paced and left no room for inspiration and creativity. This constant quest for deeper connection with the true self through a conscious way of expression, gradually led her to the path of yoga. At first without realizing the reason, and afterwards with more awareness, she observed how the connection of body and mind changed, beyond her physical practice, also her way of thinking and perception of life. Her need for further understanding of yoga philosophy as a tool of a holistic way of life led her to Evergreen Yoga Studios in 2017, cultivating the ground for attending the RYT 200-hour training program in 2021.


During the course of the program, she was fascinated by the fact that each body is different and that each student/teacher can express itself differently through the countless flows of movement and poses. Thus, teaching yoga opened for her new ways of exploring virtues such as respect, acceptance, patience and non-attachment. Katerina teaches Vinyasa Krama Yoga at EYS of Nea Ionia, and continues her apprenticeship with enthusiasm as to what it has to offer her.

Alkistis Asoniti

Teaches: Vinyasa Krama Yoga

Alkistis was involved in sports from a very young age, that sparked her curiosity for people and the human body. This curiosity is what led her to study medicine. While looking for a way to decompress from the pressure of everyday life she discovered yoga, which ended up becoming a major part of her life.

Quickly she realized that yoga for her meant much more than just physical movement. Through the practice of yoga and overcoming daily physical and mental blocks she believes it’s possible to approach your true inner self and get over your outer beliefs.

For her yoga practice is a moment that she can let go of external stimuli and thoughts and bring her attention to the present while playing with the flow of movement and breath. She decided to attend the 200hrs teacher training at Evergreen Yoga Studios to deepen her practice and she trained in the system of Vinyasa Krama. She continues her training and at the same time teaching classes at EYS, for her it’s very important to share the gift of yoga with as many people as possible.


Anastasia Drogiti

Teaches: Vinyasa Krama Yoga

Anastasia was born and raised in Athens. She came across yoga in 2009, as intense physical discomfort in the area of hips; prompted her to seek yoga practices for healing and relief. Since then, the practice has become a way of living.


Her passion to go deeper into the anatomy of asanas; brought her to attend the teacher training program of Evergreen Yoga Studios, through which she met the Vinyasa Krama Yoga system.


Anastasia found the tools she needed to heal her mind and body by harmoniously combining breath with movement.

This condition brought her towards to the things she wants to pursue, self-observation and balance.


Her goal is to be a teacher as well as a student throughout her practice in yoga, so as to be able to share her experience and passion for what she loves.

Maria Dimarogkona

Teaches: Vinyasa Krama Yoga & Aerial Yoga

Maria was born in Athens. At a very early age she became familiar with the body and its expressive potential through the Orff Approach and classical ballet. Later on she spent many years without doing any physical practice, and following a mostly sedentary lifestyle. She studied applied mathematics in NTUA and her insterest in mathematical logic, computer science and philosophy led her to the Netherlands where she did relevant master studies in the Institute for Logic Language and Computation (ILLC) in the University of Amsterdam (UvA). Returning to Greece to do her PhD research in NTUA she felt that her body needed to exercice and express itself.
Ιn this context she begun practicing aerial yoga. After trying other forms of yoga (power, hatha and jivamuktι), as well as the chinese arts of tai chi and kung fu, she found what she was looking for in vinyasa krama yoga. At the Evergreen Yoga Studios she encountered a physical practice that was structured, dynamic and balanced, aiming at the practitioner's multilevel growth. Dedicated practice helped her -among others- to connect deeper with her body and fee
lings, and come closer to her true nature. Her desire to further and deepen this self-exploration led her to attend the yoga teacher training program of 200 hours in EYS and then the aerial yoga teacher training program of 60 hours at EYS with Vicky Papasideri. Lately she explores the expressive potential of the body through the art of aerial dance (aerial silks).

Yoga is for Maria first and foremost a powreful tool for understanding human nature, leading to freedom, love, and awareness. Seeing life as a journey and philosophy as a practice and way of life, she continues her study of yoga in EYS through practice and workshops attendance. Her teaching aims at sharing her experience, giving the practitioners tools to explore and realize their nature.

Maria teaches vinyasa krama yoga and aerial yoga. On the physical level her classes aim at the balanced strengthening of the body and the cultivation of its flexibility, gradually approaching basic or more advanced poses depending on the level of the practitioners (krama).Conscious breathing and the coordination of movement with the breath (vinyasa) create the conditions for the practitioner to enter into a state of moving meditation with direct benefits the improvement of concentration, stress reduction and consciousness expansion. 

Georgia Konstadakopoulou 

Teaches: Vinyasa Krama Yoga 

Georgia was born, raised and lives in Patras.

From an early age she was in contact with sports, but her main pursuit was expression through art. Growing up, she was involved in painting and sculpture, arts which evolved and cultivated to have a place in her life both professionally and mentally. At the same time, physical expression began with its contact with dance, ballet and contemporary, a relationship which continues to this day.

Yoga entered her life as a means of relieving the tension created by dancing in the body. She gradually discovered its deeper benefits which she wanted to explore further by attending the EYS 200h RYT training program in 2021.

She believes that yoga brings you in touch with yourself. Movement and breathing occur naturally offering flow and softness to mind and body. Through the process of practice you come into contact with the now without expectations and criticism, giving space to respect, love and acceptance, inwardly and outwardly.

Georgia teaches at Evergreen Yoga Studios Patras and continues her apprenticeship.

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