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Secret of the handstand

So many people i have found along the path that ask me to share the secrets of handstand because they have been trying for years and they want it so much! The handstand IS a fire asana, IS a tapas asana, IS an ego asana. Not only for those who pose in the pictures in it though.

It is an asana that entails very well the importance of energetic alignment in the practice.You need to ride the wave of energy to be there, you need to ask for permission from the One, you need to let go of the need to control and simply surrender.

So many times i have heard from students when they glimpse the weightlessness of that alignment that they felt so light it felt like something was wrong! No more struggling when we align. We are looking for freedom from all those that cause us pain, but life dictates the flow.

To be free takes a lot of work!

Take the ultimate symbol of freedom, the birds. How many times haven’t we wished we could fly. But even the birds align their wings to the flow, they align themselves to the waves of air.

Life flows and its great meaning is to experience it. We can either align ourselves to the flow of life and be at ease, or we can resist the big Wave and struggle.

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