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Yoga Teacher Trainings

~ Manifest your highest potential ~


Foundation 200hrs Teacher Training: This program is for people who want to get deeper into understanding and teaching yoga and leads to Yoga Alliance RYT-200 certification. The program includes a lot of personal practice as well as teaching practice.

Advanced 300hrs Teacher Training:Evergreen Yoga Studios' 300-hour training program offers a comprehensive, mature and solid knowledge around the philosophy and practice of yoga, providing participants with an experience-rich and experience-focused training. The modules of the program touch on a wide range of topics, cultivating in the candidates a deeper connection to the yoga practice, and a deeper connection to the yoga experience.

Prenatal Yoga 85hrs Teacher Training:For many traditions, birth is a rite of passage, a milestone in a woman's transformation and empowerment towards her new role. Yoga is the guide on this path, offering the tools to bring women in touch with Self and baby before and during this birth experience. It is aimed at yoga teachers, midwifery professionals and anyone interested in delving into this special time in a woman's life through the path of yoga.

Aerial Yoga 60hrs Teacher Training:Aerial yoga is an integrated practice that is suitable for everyone, as it combines the traditional art of yoga, strengthening and flexibility exercises along with aerial, acrobatic techniques. The 60 hours of the training program will teach yoga positions and flows based on the sun salutation, transitions, balance and strengthening positions, basic sail acrobatics techniques, as well as yoga theory, breathing, relaxation techniques and principles of teaching
Traditional Thai Massage 55hrs Teacher Training:In this training programme candidates will be taught how to deliver this therapeutic method, which includes deep pressure along the energy lines (meridian-Sen), massage techniques using the palms, thumbs, forearms, elbows, knees and the whole body, as well as several passive stretches similar to yoga asana.
They will experience (as receivers) and explore (as givers) the art of touch that offers a reduction of tension and stress, an increase in vitality and awareness, and deepens the union between mind, body and spirit in both receiver and giver.

Intensive Teacher Training 20hrs: 21 Days of training at our Ashram in Anavra, Fthiotida, Greece. Yoga, connecting with nature,community. The Basic Teacher Training is suitable for individuals who would like to practice yoga teaching professionally or for experienced practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding of yoga practice as a holistic psychosomatic system. The program leads to the Yoga Alliance's RYT-200 certification.

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